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SR5004: Prescription For The Blues   -- Barrelhouse Chuck (June 17, 2002)

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"Classic jazz, blues and boogie from the South Side of Chicago will flourish so long as Barrelhouse Chuck is at work. In his newest release, a welcome solo outing, the singer-pianist asserts himself as a veritable one-man-band. Listen to his exquisitely ornamented piano lines on Leroy Carr's "My Own Lonesome Blues", rolling boogie rhythms on Carr's "Mean Mistreater Mama" and all-over-the-keys virtuosity on Sunnyland Slim's "Johnson Machine Gun", and it's clear that Barrelhouse Chuck has become an important advocate for historic repertoire. At the same time, he builds on the achievements of the giants with the beauty of his keyboard touch and the melancholy tone of his vocals." More Press / Music CD Reviews»

Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune August 4, 2002

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Press / Music CD Reviews

… Vocally, Chuck is more than capable with a natural phrasing grounded in tradition, but it's his piano work that grips the listener. He never overplays, and his heartfelt work is a breath of fresh air. This is simply some of the finest piano blues available.”

Craig Rusky, Living Blues March 2003Back To Top

“Goering plays with all of the power of his influences… The steady, subtle groove of Howlin Wolf's 'Sitting On Top of the World' lets Goering demonstrate his strengths right off the bat: a thorough understanding of the blues form, an unassuming yet forceful voice, a strong and steady left hand, and a tendency to sprinkle songs with clean, clever upper-register trills and flourishes. … The closing tunes, the bouncing 'Yamato Stomp' and the ballad 'Rooster's Blues,' prove Goering can keep up with his idols songwriting-wise, whetting the appetite for an album full of Barrelhouse Chuck originals. Keep an eye – and two ears – on this guy.”

Jeff Calvin, Blues Revue February 2003
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“With obvious pride, Chuck Goering carries the torch for Sunnyland Slim, Little Brother Montgomery, Leroy Carr and other revered figures of blues piano. Glad to say, he shows enough personality to avoid felony charges of mimicry when handling slow blues and romps associated with his mentors. And Chuck's a capable singer, at his most delightful in Sunnyland's inebriated 'Barrelhouse Woman.' Helfer, a former comrade-in-blues of Big Joe Williams, guests on three tracks, moving Chuck over to churchy Farfisa organ for 'Ain't Nobody's Business.'”

1/2 Frank-John Hadley, DownBeat November 2002
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“Barrelhouse Chuck brings back the old Blues. … Singing and playing piano boogie-woogie and more, Chuck Goering stomps emotionally through a program designed to suit fans of all sizes and shapes. The music has international appeal. … Mentored by Sunnyland Slim and Little Brother Montgomery, Barrelhouse Chuck has the disposition to fill the room with piano tremolos and romping arpeggios. His vocal interpretations come as natural as the sun and the moon. Goering's prescription works better than most remedies for the blues.”

Jim Santella, Cadence December 2002
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